Welcome to Falcon Forums.

Our community openly welcomes all who share our passion and desire to celebrate the Australian Ford Falcon. Our online community purpose is to bring Ford Falcon enthusiasts together to provide an environment where they feel inspired to share their stories, experiences, seek information and showcase their own, or other examples of the breed.

If you love this Australian icon as much as we do then you may also wish to share our interest in its history as well as future developments and directions the Falcon is taking.

In order to make your experience a positive one, we have developed a code of conduct which upholds the very values, ethics and beliefs that the community represents. While we welcome all those who share this passion we make no apologies for upholding this code of conduct for the benefit of all members.

Code of Conduct

•This is an adult forum so you will be treated like an adult and expected to act like one. The best way to think of this place is the front bar of your local pub or club. Act like an idiot and you will be treated like one. Pick a fight and the bouncers will come over and sort it out. Keep picking fights and you will find that you have to drink elsewhere.

•We embrace the concept of self-moderation, meaning if you are out of line, or have a temporary lapse in judgement, in most cases our moderation team will extend to you the courtesy of editing and readdressing your own comments first. We are adults after all. Should the need arise however we do reserve the right as a duty of care to moderate and edit your posts where required.

•The Australian language rules apply, that means colourful language is fine if it’s used the right way, meaning as you would when ladies are present, the odd slip is ok but lets not go overboard and not as a means of personal attack on fellow members. Comments that insight racism, sexism, prejudice, human or animal cruelty or are socially offensive are not welcome, remember we have members of both genders from many and varied races and cultures here so again just think of the front bar of the pub. There is no limitation on topics however as adults you will be judged and measured by your peers by your conduct.

•There are two levels of members here, regular and validated. Validated members have access to more of the forum including areas that are hidden from the public. To become validated all you have to do is meet personally with any of the moderators or admins and/or identify yourself so we know you are a real person. If this is difficult PM one of the admins and we will to see what we can do about it.

•The public forums are readable by the public and writeable by all members.
•The members forums are readable by all members and writeable by validate members.
•There are more forums that are validated only, you will see them after you are validated.

The most important point is that this is the internet and we are here for enjoyment so.........ENJOY.....