• Ford Confirms “Sprint” Name for Limited-Edition Falcon XRs

    Ford Confirms “Sprint” Name for Limited-Edition Falcon XRs
     Ford confirms limited-edition Falcon XR Sprint
     Turbocharged six-cylinder and Supercharged V8 Falcon XR Sprints to be available
     Unique ‘Sprint’ embroidery on seats and unique numbered build plaque on engine
     XR Sprint program part of Ford’s $300 million R&D spend in 2015

    MELBOURNE, 22 Dec., 2015 – Ford today has confirmed it will release a limited-edition Falcon XR Series sedan in 2016.
    “There has been a lot of speculation around what our plans are for Falcon in 2016 and today we’re happy to confirm that Ford will build a special series to celebrate Australia’s large sedan,” according to Graeme Whickman, Ford President and CEO.

    The limited-edition series will be called XR Sprint, a name that ties into the performance history of the Falcon sedan.
    “The Falcon XR Sprint is aligned to the understated look of our notable historic performance Falcons; they will be styled with design and dynamic influences that are distinctly different in feel, presence and execution,” Whickman said.

    “The XR Sprint will be a limited-edition series and one we think will be highly regarded by our Falcon fans. Ultimately too, like many of our performance Fords, we expect it to be a highly collectible car.”

    The development program has utilised the full capabilities of the Ford You Yangs Proving Ground at Lara, including the emissions lab, ride and handling test track and durability circuit as well as real-world development kilometres on public roads.
    The Falcon XR Sprint series will available as an automatic Turbocharged six-cylinder, while the Supercharged V8 will be available with either a manual and automatic transmission.
    Among the key XR Sprint features will be:
    – Power increase
    – Upgraded brake package
    – Unique wheels
    – Unique exterior stripe design
    – ‘Sprint’ badging on rear deck lid and on front quarter panels
    – Unique interior trim on seats with ‘Sprint’ embroidery
    – Unique numbered build plaque on engine
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    Ford’s performance story in 2016 will be further bolstered with the arrival of the all-wheel drive Focus RS.
    “2016 will certainly an exciting year for Ford. Apart from continuing to fill the 4,000 customer orders for the Mustang V8 and Mustang EcoBoost, later in the year our performance fans will also be able to enjoy the Focus RS and XR Sprint.”
    The development of the Falcon XR Sprint has benefited from Ford’s $300 million investment in R&D this year. Over the past six years Ford has spent around $2 billion on R&D.
    Ford will share more details about the Falcon XR Sprint series early next year.
    Sprint History

    The Sprint name is true to the Falcon heritage. It was used on the 1993 ED XR8 and delivered a Tickford-enhanced V8 with an upgraded suspension and interior. More than 300 were built and today they are among some of the more collectible Falcons.
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