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    "Blue Sunday"

    •The Ford Falcon Tribute Finale •

    Sunday October 2nd from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm

    Taking the lead from the team of dedicated enthusiasts at Ford that created the Falcon Sprints, a small group of fellow Ford Forum members and Falcon Enthusiasts have been planning for several months a Falcon Tribute Finale event for Sunday 2nd October.

    We’ve seen a growing groundswell of interest from Falcon fans for an event that celebrates 56 ...
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    The 2015/16 FG X XR8 is a special car in most Australian Ford enthusiasts minds. It's the hero car of the FG X range and it is largely so because of what is under the skin. This is a GT by another name and not just any GT but the Rspec version.

    The term Rspec refers to the suspension fitted which first saw service in the limited edition Rspec GT before being the suspension of choice for the last GT in the GTF. An Rspec GT still holds the *quickest media time recorded over the quarter mile for a Falcon and with this engine tune too.

    This is a very formidable package on paper and that turns to compelling when you take into account the price. More on that later.

    You don't need to travel very far to realise this isn't a normal Falcon. This is the Rspec suspension at work which features stiffer upper control arm bushes, ...
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    Ford Confirms “Sprint” Name for Limited-Edition Falcon XRs
     Ford confirms limited-edition Falcon XR Sprint
     Turbocharged six-cylinder and Supercharged V8 Falcon XR Sprints to be available
     Unique ‘Sprint’ embroidery on seats and unique numbered build plaque on engine
     ...
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    Cars are many things to many people. A means to an end for some, objects of passion for others. They can be logical in being fit for purpose or emotional in being a statement or extension of one's self. As they say, "one is either a car person or one is not"

    I consider myself a car person, a trait that was inherited from my father, but largely influenced by my earliest awareness of the family Ford Falcon which came at the age of 5 or 6. The family wagon became more than just a mode of transport but a meaning to me.
    It helped obviously that it was dads pride and joy but from my seat behind dad, that was my place in the world. I aligned with my father, I saw the road pretty much as he saw it.
    Our 1970 XY wagon, it never let us down and it made me feel safe. When I was in that car, I felt everything was right in the world, it's the car that started my Ford journey.

    The MD Mondeo is rated as a 5 star ANCAP performer and comes with features and technology that includes the standard fitment of inflatable rear seatbelts in all variants, previously only available in the Mercedes S class.

    Ford’s Emergency Assist that dials 000 automatically in a bad accident when connected to your phone and it even has a programmable MyKey that allows you to limit the car’s parameters.

    In fact the listings for safety aids is impressive and includes
    Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection
    Lane Keeping Aid
    Driver Impairment Monitor
    Blind sport alert
    Forward Collision warning
    Active city stop

    You still get ABS/ DSC and the airbag count is high. Front, rear, side, curtain, knee , the totality here really is a quantum leap above where we have been with falcon and it's in the main something consumers look for now above most other features.

    Shifting attention towards ...
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    Good morning fellow members.

    As many will know this site is primarily designed to promote and challenge the common perception of negatively surround Ford, Falcon and the industry in general

    Part of that has to be active. We can't sit back typing and spending energy feeling sorry for ourselves. We may as well put that to good use and do something.

    With this in mind this forum and its members are starting on a journey of activity.

    Member ...
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    Fast Four with Ford Falcon

    by: Stuart Martin From: National Features June 21, 2012 7:00PM

    SCOFFS of derision accompanied the announcement of the four-cylinder Falcon EcoBoost.

    ..The dismal four-cylinder Commodore was recalled - at least by those ignorant of what a modern European turbo four can do.

    What is already a decent family sedan has been endowed with a powerplant that deserves to arrest Falcon's plunging sales.

    - VALUE

    We're in the $37,235 XT base model and there's plenty of gear on the features ...
    by Published on 20th April 2012 02:37 PM
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    By Josh Bennis

    Whether you like Holden or Ford, there is no denying the Aussie-built 2012 FPV F6 FG MKII is a very, very fast and intimidating piece of work. Once you get it going (and get traction), it’s fair to say that it is one of the fastest accelerating production ...