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Thread: Getting traction tips ideas thoughts for fg xr6t.

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    Smile Getting traction tips ideas thoughts for fg xr6t.

    Well I am hoping for a 12 second pass in my stock fgxr6t but it wheel spins every time.I use stocky tyres and prefer to keep it that way. Do you guys think 245 19 35 are not wide enough? I also do not do burnouts but been told to rip one to get the nitto invos warm. Thoughts?

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    Leave T/C on. Drop rear pressures to 18psi. Pump up fronts to 48psi. Do at leat 15 sec burnout ... just like you'd do at the traffic lights! LOL. Stall up to 1500 RPM for launch.
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    Don't today's silica based tyres lose their stickiness after prolonged skids?

    A skid long enough to remove the water has been said to be the way to go.

    As for stall rpm, that's something you need to work out with much practice; every car is different.

    There's a video in here somewhere of blocker running 10s with 205 wide street tyres...
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    I've had as much success on 25psi as I've had 35psi.

    I always take TC off but I had somebody tell me once to go with TC on, before they realised I didn't have a ZF.
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    I've run a best. Of 11.8 on nitto invo 255 35 19 through a manual, it isn't your tire.

    Consistently run 12 - 12.2 on them.

    I do burnouts, and run then at 25 psi

    I leave tc on

    Keep at it, you'll get there, throttle modulation is the key, and gentle gear changes to keep the tires hooked.

    A low powered car should be a snack to get out of the hole on invo once you've had some practice finding a consistent technique. The nitto tire is about as good as it gets as far as street tires go, save for r888 and pilot sport contact



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