So we have an SZ Titanium. We love it, it's a great car with plenty of practical features. Probably the only things I'm left wanting for is auto up windows and keyless entry. Not being one to sit around and complain about something that doesn't exist, I thought I'd turn my mind to seeing if and how it is possible to incorporate keyless entry into the SZ.

I know that the SZ brought a new ECU with it - was this a corporate ECU? I wonder if the BEM is the same as the old ones or whether this was new as well. Given the substantially greater number of corporate Ford parts in the SZ, I was hoping that it would be the same as some of the US Fords which have keyless entry.

I noticed US Fords that have keyless entry have a similar key to ours. For example the new Fusion:

and the Edge/Explorer/Flex/Taurus:

So is it possible or not? Does the SZ BEM have the outputs to allow keyless entry? I'd imagine there is a wireless/antenna output for the current iteration of "keyless" entry in the car somewhere, so the way I see it is it will depend on whether the car's systems support the function (but the function is obviously disabled)