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Thread: 002's road trip for a wedding

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    Congrats Kev on the daughters wedding best wishs to the couple.
    Well done Jeff - T's looks a treat well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WASP View Post
    Two fantastic looking beauties there. The cars looked great aswell.

    P.S is the TL a (the only) 5.6lt?
    Yes, it's a 5.6L. It's one of only 3 Series III TLs made. The only coloured T3 TL. The only T3 TL with aubergine interior. The only T3 TL with all the fruit ... and then some!

    Thanks Maurie.

    And thanks Kevin for your very kind words ... it was an absolute pleasure for me to be able to lend a hand to a genuine T-mate.

    And thanks to all for their positive responses.
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    No prize for guessing what car they were referring to ... OWN THE ROAD ...

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    It sure is.

    The only T3 TL50 5.6 stroker with ALL the fruit and a different colour to the only other 2 T3 TL's in existence.

    (oops ... we must have posted at exactly the same time) great minds thinking alike.
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