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Thread: Motor Trimmers in South Sydney

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    Motor Trimmers in South Sydney

    Hi Folks,

    I've decided to get the EF going again, even though the Head Gasket is still iffy. I'm losing water but don't know where.

    Anyway, I'm sick of the sagging hoodlining, and need to get it fixed. Can anybody recommend a Motor Trimmer in the South of Sydney? I'm in The Shire, but I'm happy to travel if it grantees a quality job.

    I'll probably get the Drivers Seat re-cushioned as well. It has a slight (very slight) tear in it from Jean Studs as well, so that will need looking at.

    Thanks folks.
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    I have a few contractors in Sydney but I don’t think they are close to you. As for hood linings go, it’s not a hard job so even the less "experienced" trimmer should have no trouble getting it right.

    As for the wear on the seat, you are better off finding a good passenger seat and trim and just putting it on the drivers frame. A trimmer can do it cheap no more than an hours work (with a coffee mid job)

    I hope this helps



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