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Thread: B Series high performance parts F/S

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    B Series high performance parts F/S

    Hi Guys,

    Thought I'd advertise this stuff up here before I put it up at that 'other place'.
    Most of this gear came off my old XR6T running ~400rwkw, or was intended for my XR6T but never fitted. Has been in storage for a couple of years.

    So, from the top

    Process West Surge tank and pump. Great bit of kit. $650
    Heavy Duty CV joints. Never fitted. Purchased as spares as I was expecting to blow CVs with the power and tyres I was running. $150 for the pair
    Metal Cat. 3.5", Never fitted $50
    Hybrid Intercooler. Was running ~340rwkw. $100
    Sway bar. Substantially thicker than standard. Can't remember how thick however $50
    Standard BA/BF mirrors L and RHS, Rapid Yellow. $50 each, or $75 for the pair.
    Single Enkei RPO2, 17x8, 36(?) offset, 5x114.3 $50

    All gear is currently located on the South Coast NSW. I can get it to Nowra next week, and Sydney next weekend.
    I live in FNQ, and I will not be taking it home with me. I'll leave it with family members in Sydney.

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    Will wait a week then get Tim to put this through the FB page as well. Just remind me
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