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Thread: S.o.o 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTe217 View Post
    You can tell being a team sport follower and participant still when one team has that "want" much more its quite obvious of the outcome.
    this has been QLD style for decades. sure, they lose the odd game here and there, but they play for each other. there is the old saying, 'a team of champions doesn't make a champion team'. to me, this has been NSW for a long time. They all have great individual ability but they rarely seem to gel as a team. when you don't feel like a team, you find it hard to give 100% to the one percenters. look at woods and fafita in defense when Munster got through. walking! by contrast, up the other end, Maroon jumpers appear from everywhere. They look like they have double the players in defense. They are all prepared to run.

    Not saying the blues aren't passionate about their state. Its an attitude thing and normally only really shows when you are staring at a deficit.

    When Smith, Cronk and Slater hang up the boots, which could be as early as next season (for origin) for two of them, its going to be a very different side though. That Storm spine is very tight.

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    hum, Rob, thats what the "want" is - a team working together for the ultimate result.
    Might I add, there isn't any champions much in nsw team as per proven champs such as Smith/Cronk/Thurston/Slater/Inglis etc these are proven Prem winners and straight up test players then as mentioned added by x amount of players from the same club sure helps with reading each others game.
    nsw is made up mostly by top club players - some being test players/prem winners but lacking Not a leadership stable core for as long as I can remember but thats no excuse but blues issues imo just as you mentioned, Fafita, one game wonder this series (talked up too much), Woods is NOT origin standard imo - infact both are unfit slobs who can play decent games at club level But not at Origin pace x 3 and level of commitment needed the full 80min.
    Maybe its partly Daly's rotation as well ?
    Those 2 for starters in the engine room are not fit enough watching as a armchair critic as proved last night.
    There was NO leader in nsw engine room all game - pretty pathetic - attitude ? well they shouldn't be there in that case knowing for these games whats at stake for how long.
    I watch similar at my sons Rep football levels and games/finals I've played in for years and years - its how much everyone in the team "wants" it, play as a pack, gee each other up etcetc......
    Back on your a team of Champions don't make a Champion team - hum, for as long as I can recall barring the bench maroons nucleus (near on total start up squad) have been a team of champions where as said nsw are not by my reckoning.......
    You can even go back as far to the Broncos/Bennet era - that whole squad over that reign won the Prem And near on 3/4's of the Origin team, (heck why do you think bennett complained losing all those players during the club rounds) - made for easy team gelling, now its transferred some to Storm for some time but the core has been similar as we know now for 12yrs.
    Nah, Smith Cronk Slater will be there next season.
    Not rocket science imo - nsw just isnt good enough full stop when it counts but at this pro level I also take a guess the support isn't good enough as well.
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
    Sydney is Sky Blue HAL Premiers/Champions 2017 - the Double.

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    QLD is lucky in that 3 or 4 of the greatest players to ever pull on a jersey have all played in the same era.
    Obviously that era is coming to a close but the QLD hierarchy is smart and having the young players involved early, even if not playing.
    Look at Munster last night, that was a preview of the future right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falc'man View Post
    In the words of a wise man: if you don't read the papers you're uninformed, if you do read the papers you're misinformed.

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