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Thread: Charge motion control valve in upper intake manifold

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    Charge motion control valve in upper intake manifold

    This feature will be in the revised 5.0 in the upcoming Mustang.

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    Charge Motion Control Plates

    4.6-liter fans might cringe when they hear these words. Ford engineers worked hard on the 5.0 to create a system that does not impede air flow. Previous iterations acted like small throttle bodies for each runner that, even when open, still restricted air flow. The new 5.0 plates, which are now integrated into the intake manifold, fold flat to the roof of the top of the runner and will not create a restriction. These plates play a huge role in the 2+ mpg and 20 lb/ft increase over the 2011+ Mustangs by keeping the port velocity high under low RPM driving. Another side benefit is that the Charge Motion Control Plates really help smooth out the idle of the 5.0.

    “They have the same intent as the 4.6-liter engine,” said Engineering Manager Brian Mazzella. “This time around was a real crusade of ours to design the plates to fold out of the way so they don’t pivot in the middle like a throttle body. When it folds into the runner it’s gone so you can’t see it at all and it doesn’t impede power whatsoever. You’ll notice when you get in the car, if you have any experience with the 2011 and up cars, that idle is far better. I mean just smooth as silk.”

    (Edit: That's an error on the torque increase - it's actually 10lb-ft in total, but 20 on the Roadrunner [was 380, now redundant] but that had less torque than Coyote [was 390, now 400])

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    Some times a bad idle isn't that bad of a thing.

    Sounds interesting.
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    328 Kw/540 nm makes the new 5.0 Coyote virtually line ball with the last of the Boss 5.4s.
    The extra 10 lb ft at peak torque belies the effect those charge motion plates would be having on low range torque.

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    Would love to see a dyno graph
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyc View Post
    Would love to see a dyno graph
    Not quite on topic but I found details of torque figures for past and present F150 truck figures...LINK
    the truck 5.0 versus the old 5.4 3V and the EB V6 versus the 6.2 V8 are compelling.


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