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Thread: Mustang II

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    Quote Originally Posted by WASP View Post
    Yes, there is some irony to that. Couple of major differences as I see them
    Timing - the world has come to be more accepting of having high powered, advanced turbo 4's power mid to large cars (as per the success of Merc's BMW's & Audi's)
    The new Mustang promises to be the total package, not compromised in anyway, visually, technically, comfort or in performance. It should live up to and exceed the expectations of both traditional buyers and new people to the brand.
    True, however I'm getting the whole "4 cylinder Mustang?" thing already. People don't get it. I hope Ford have a marketing plan, because I think the 4cyl turbo is the one that will take off if it is marketed in Australia right.

    Example, ecoboost Falcon, great car, terrible marketing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacificfordqld View Post
    I don't get why though, is it because it lacked power etc? It was obviously an oil crisis thing, but it looks like an awesome little care in 2014
    For me it is purely the tacky stripes all over it... Horrid

    The black one above looks "ok", but god that red with gold eagle? Wtf

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    I don't get an attraction to a 4cly mustang ..............but on sept 19th , I get the best car in the world .........tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick ........I can't wait !

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