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Thread: Premcar introduction

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    Premcar introduction

    Welcome to the Premcar section of the forum.

    This is the official web page. From that page we have this company description

    About Premcar.

    Premcar is an automotive engineering consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Established by Prodrive, Premcar utilises the core engineering expertise responsible for the design and development of niche Ford Performance Vehicles such as the iconic FPV F6 and GT supercharged V8.
    Premcar is strategically placed to provide global automotive engineering services, with an office in China and business development networks across Australia, Europe & India.
    The goal of the company is to enhance the customer brand. This is achieved by creating relationships with its customers that go beyond resource support and project delivery. Premcar works with the customer implementing leading edge design innovation, vehicle refinement and the creation of niche vehicle derivatives. From the concept stage and in all areas of product design, development and validation, Premcar’s innovative technology ensures the meeting of customer needs and expectations. With a history of delivering products to the market place for OE customers Premcar is a perfect partner.

    I would like to spend a bit of time focusing on the goal of the company as stated here because this to me is what has defined Tickford and FPV. It's what I have grown up with, experienced first hand and what I have spoken about at length on various forums over the years.

    Creating a relationship with customers that goes beyond resource support and project delivery in the process enhancing the customer brand.

    In this context the customer has been Ford, but through Tickford and FPV I can add end customer to that meaning.

    Over time I hope to add exclusive content to this section that serves to remind us of how we got to this point, to keep people aware of this engineering resource, where and what they are up to and promote that status through our social network in the spirit of promotion and brand awareness.
    History is a statement, the future is a question.

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