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Thread: will c4 work with au ecu?

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    will c4 work with au ecu?

    i have a au2 fairlane v8 ive put a supercharger (powerdyne) that i rebuilt , bigger injecters, fuel pump, extracters high flow cats 3" exaust, sct flash tuner with 2 shit tunes done by some computer geek fuckwit who tuned my car for a map senser that i realised later was charcoal filter and was looseing boost threw (anyways) my 4 speed auto is fucked will my ecu run ok with a c4 that was out of a xd and which one stronger

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    Just put another Btr in it.
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    When the ECU gets no signal from the BTR it'll go into limp mode and run like crap, which is what mine initally did when I converted it to manual until I had my J3 flashed to a manual tune.

    Chuck another BTR in there



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