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Thread: Day to day encounters thread

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    It will be $25000 for anyone interested...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTe217 View Post
    Now thats a HNY !
    Spend $$$'s on the Toy !
    A Brownyy tells you don't go there ! (damn good your ok now mate)
    and surprisingly Bunnigs don't replace the new Makita !
    Interesting start to 2018 RW incl the whats to happen on the work front.

    I'm surprised on/the Makita/Bunnings scenario.
    I've had recent good experiences of late.
    As some know with the new place there was a new dish washer that we weren't happy with, having checked the branding being Bellini its a Bunnings product.
    We called, explained we have it brand new never used with all the warranty/user manual inside never opened they actually "credited" us the full price without any invoice so we drove up to dump it off - loved it, Mrs's looked up for a high spec Blanco and showed the person serving us, they looked it up on their system and it was $900 - wife looked up on the mobile best prices and showed her $440, they matched it and ordered it in.
    Out of pocket $20 ! love it.
    In the end I couldn't get a "please explain"out of Makita (they actually couldn't explain it) so I got a refund from Bunnings.

    Done a little bit of consultancy work to keep my hand in but still waiting to be paid. Unemployment isn't too bad (got the $$$ payout which helps) but this daddy daycare shit is starting to get old lol

    Haven't had any more run-ins with slithery critters (apart from the $1000 bill from the Ambos) but since the bit I'm always paranoid about walking in scrub, jump at every rustle in the bushes and am always looking at the ground when I am walking

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    Thankyou very much for the refund.

    $1k for the ambo !!!! fark.

    With the heat the last couple of months I've been really wary around my bush area, I'm more scared of shortly that I'm going to dig some plants out some in and I know funnel webs are around here like mad.
    They freak me out more than the snakes.

    Love the Daddycare quote lol.....
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
    Sydney is Sky Blue HAL Premiers/Champions 2017 - the Double.

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