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Thread: The Premcar turbo XR6 demonstrator

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    The Premcar turbo XR6 demonstrator

    I just thought I would share my own personal thoughts on this recent display car.

    Just so we are up front about this, this isn't an endorsed promotion or anything like that, just my own views on this project and what it might represent to people who think like i do.

    Been there, done that, didn't like it, pretty much sums up my thoughts on the aftermarket.

    What I like about Premcar is they are effectively the FPV and Tickford of our cars. The engineers of Premcar have intimate understanding of ford requirements, were innately involved in all of our greatest performance falcons of the modern era and understand the aspects of OME. That by itself doesn't necessarily make it a better car automatically but it cant hurt and from a personal perspective this development is something that caught my eye and has my interest for this reason alone.

    Walkingshaw would hold the same appeal for me if I were to buy a Commodore. They are effectively HSV but in Walkingshaw guise are able to exploit just a little bit further while being sympathetic to Holden's DNA, issues and requirements.

    You can only get this level of understanding by being involved at a factory level.

    If I had a dream it would be for the guys at Premcar and Ford to continue to work together but that's a story for another day.

    Lets look at this car.

    Its presented as a going concern with details still to be finalised. A ex NSW Police Chaser XR6T which gives you brembos and oilcooler as starters, its enhanced with a suspension, wheel and tyre package as well as exhaust and engine modifications.

    As the owner of a Xr6Turbo ute myself, my immediate thoughts turned to the possibility of Premcar developing packages that people could elect to fit to their own cars.

    I spoke with Bernie Quinn earlier this week via email to which he replied "there is no real reason this couldn't be done" but they are just at an infant stage of thought with logistics and pricing still a work in progress.

    This is a situation we will be monitoring very closely because speaking from personal experience once you get a taste of engineering, once you hear these guys speak, its not something you want to give up easily. Even in concept stage its a very exciting prospect for current owners and enthusiasts of XR, Tickford and FPV product.

    No disrespect intended but for someone like me who appreciates the factory efforts and originally, the previous floating of PPP and the Black concept car with Prodrive enhancements appeals to me simply because they were as close to aftermarket FPV you could get. No one else in this country holds the same appeal for me when it comes to modifying my collection of Falcons.
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    Thanks for the info Ian.

    I would certainly view Premcar in a totally different to light to anyone else in the aftermarket. I hope they do well.



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