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Thread: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Seven Mustang

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    Ken Block’s Gymkhana Seven Mustang

    Ken Block’s Gymkhana Seven Mustang
    Written by Brandan Gillogly on November 3, 2014 All-Wheel-Drive 410ci V8 Machine Built for the Ultimate Car Chase
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    In Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five, his 650hp Ford Fiesta almost singlehandedly made the subcompact car cool by tearing up the urban landscape of San Francisco. Launching the 2.0L turbo Ford rallycross car off the peaks of hilly San Francisco streets Frank-Bullitt-style, we couldn’t help but imagine the same scenario played out with a first-gen Mustang built for the occasion. We’re not sure if Block was thinking the same thing, but when he began planning his next urban assault, he called upon Autosport Dynamics in Charlotte, North Carolina, to build an indestructible V8-powered 1965 Mustang with all-wheel drive to take on Gymkhana 7.

    Tiny boosted engines that run on the ragged edge, taxed to within a millimeter of their head gasket’s life, have a place in racing classes where displacement is limited. For everything else, why not use a V8? That’s HOT ROD’s philosophy anyway. When Block chose to build an all-wheel-drive Mustang rally car for his Gymkhana Seven film, Roush Yates delivered a 410ci Ford small-block topped with Roush Yates D3 cylinder heads. These are the same heads you’d find on a NASCAR Nationwide series car and they’re capable of delivering 850 hp with a single four-barrel carb. Block’s Ford V8 has even more direct airflow and power potential thanks to the individual throttle body stack injection that’s controlled by MoTeC EFI. Say all you want about two-steps and anti-lag, we’ll take high-rpm V8 noise every time.

    Ken Block gave HOT ROD a chance to come see the car in action during the filming of Gymkana Seven at a Top Secret location. You'll have to wait until the video debuts on YouTube on November 17, 2014, but until then here are the exclusive details of Block’s coolest car yet.

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    OMG. That is a piece of work. Ken Block has been a great ambassador for Ford and this continues it.
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    Brilliant engineering, and im sure it's performance is phenomenal, but it's as ugly as a hat full of assholes.
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    A bit harsh... on the assholes.

    Nah it's meant to be loud and brash like only Block can be.

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    How does that sound !!!!! awesum.
    I don't blame him - being a passenger is trying at the lamest of times LOL.......
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
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