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Thread: Aust Spec Mondeo (Updated with engine details)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSE2 View Post
    Why is this car better looking in pictures now than it used to be?
    because you have gotten over the disappointment of loosing falcon, and becoming accustomed to the global " mouth" styling...............

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    No that is definately not it.

    The wagon especially looks nice.
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    The head lights are different. These look much better.

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    The difference between the lights is internal only.

    The other difference appears to be the colour on the Mondeo, and it, too, looks much better than Fusion's. Pfft... Fusion. Go home, Fusion.

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    I wish the standard Falcon bonnet looked like that.
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    See now, looks like this, with a awd chassis, and 3.5 eb and I'd say you have a worthy falcon replacement.

    Quote Originally Posted by Falc'man View Post
    In the words of a wise man: if you don't read the papers you're uninformed, if you do read the papers you're misinformed.

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    The new AWD system is rwd-biased, meaning much torque can be transferred through it. I wouldn't say no to such a setup James.

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    Ford New Mondeo Wins “2014 Safe Car of the Year” Award for Five-star Protection

    CHONGQING, China — Recently, the Ford New Mondeo won the “2014 Safe Car of the Year” Award in the mid-class passenger car segment. This prestigious award, which is one of the top awards in China’s auto safety, was given in recognition of the New Mondeo’s superior passive and active safety technologies. The New Mondeo was selected by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) and unveiled by World Auto, the official magazine of C-NCAP.

    “Safe Car of the Year” is a selection campaign that was first launched in 2011 by World Auto. The New Mondeo was chosen by professional industry media and official organizations to receive this award, especially after winning the C-NCAP five-star safety award in September with a top 57 poin rating in the batch of models released in the same period of time.

    Launched as one of Changan Ford’s most advanced and finest models, the New Mondeo raises the bar for the mid-to-high car segment for its range-leading safety features and has played an important role in promoting the safety level of its range. With the offering of thoughtful passive safety features, the New Mondeo is enabled to minimize loss and damage in the case of an accident.

    The exclusive and award-winning inflated safety belt, which is the first application of the Ford patented feature globally, is the most attractive amidst multiple safety patents on the New Mondeo; it offers a greater level of protection for rear passengers. Meanwhile, the New Mondeo is fitted with a complete set of passive protection including front passenger airbags, front side airbags, front and rear side air curtains as well as driver knee airbags to provide full protection to all passengers.

    In addition, the vehicle is designed with the capability to avoid and prevent the occurrence of an accident with superior active safety qualities. Some of the features the driver has access to are ACC, ACS, LKA, LDWS, Driver Fatigue Monitor System and TVC systems, all of which effectively help ensure road safety according to the drive mode and road condition. On top of that, the New Mondeo also offers permanent free-of-charge emergency call service as a means for rescue in critical moments.

    The New Mondeo has been widely accredited in the industry for its fine quality and complete safety protection. It is also a hot-seller in the mid-to-high class car segment with an average monthly sale of 9,000 units between January and November and more than 10,000 units sold in the recent two months. The New Mondeo will continue to make the journey a safe one as a car built with Ford brand’s reputed safe performance into it.

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    haha a China safety award
    Here's what they do in regards to safety - the factory owners I do business with have 2 x 7series 1 x 330 convertable 1 x X6.
    To avoid hearing the belt chiming all the time they just have them buckled up full stop - one they just jump, 2 they drive off, 3 you don't hear the belt chime reminding you to put belts on
    I'm serious !
    Their drivers who pick me up from airport in the current Honda Odessey or one of the Chev people movers never use the belts but you can bet I do !
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
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    photographs that show the detail better?

    They looked great in the flesh at last year's Go Further event in Sydney..

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