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Thread: 2016 explorer

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    That does look pretty good
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    Quote Originally Posted by Road_Warrior View Post
    Looks much better than the current one.
    I reckon the current one in Sport/Limited looks bloody good as well - next gen as always goes up the level but current model kills anything prior.

    Ian thanks for the update I really appreciate it.
    I just wish to carry over from my FGX comments - why do these companies release news of a new model 12mths + and even more in some case's so far in advance ? seriously I can't see the point.
    Like - wow yer I reallly like that BUT wait its not coming out till mid 2016 ?! big effing deal
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    This looks better than everest to me.
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    This is arguably the best looking Ford. Has good proportions, balance and masculinity.

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    That looks awesome. I could have one.

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