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Thread: 2015 Taurus

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSE2 View Post
    There must be two versions of this. The U.S. get their own built in the US.

    Why would they not just import the Chinese version. Surely it would be cheaper to build in China than in the US?
    You also have the issue of the cars being built under a JV agreement where the Chinese partner gets 50% of the profit.
    While it would suit Ford to avoid 25% import duty to China, exporting cars from China to the USwould face a lot of
    logistical nightmares in terms of product mix and specific order cars. It's just easier to build 9,000 or 10,000 a month
    at Flat rock and team it with 1000 or 1500/mth Continental builds.

    Very little to do with the UAW but also let sleeping dogs lie coming up to contract renewal,
    the natives are edgy about two tier wage system with new hires never progressing to full wages.
    Ford has made great strides to bring production back to the USA the UAW offered to Ford to use
    monies owed to pension plans to fund more production in US plants - something non-US observes
    might not be aware of.

    In contrast, GM is usually rather adversarial with Unions which tends to lead to more action as mentioned earlier..

    Re Taurus,
    there were rumors quite some tome ago that there were two distinct styling packages, one for China
    and one for Nthe America - what we're seeing here is Ford China paying for a product built for them.
    What the Americans decide to do with it is their business but it would be crazy to have a brand new car there and not use it.
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