She ain’t pretty, she aint’ fast, but damn, this is one unique “MUTT SWAP” and we love it! Check out the car we’re coining “CumStang Junior” due to it being so much slower than a couple other diesel powered Mustangs we’ve seen out there. This car was all custom, home built by the owner out of his shop – Wholesale Dealer Services out of Missouri. The car is planned to be a lot faster with a compound turbo setup, but for now it’s all stock and pretty damn slow, however it can still beat a stock mustang and some of it’s bigger brother 6-cylinder diesel pickups!

Not bad 169hp at the wheels for a stock configuration engine, these things can do a good 250-300hp+ easily with injector pump wound out, FMIC and different turbo(s) and they can take very high levels of boost safely.

I had its bigger brother, 6BT which was planned for my Ambo: