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Thread: install of single din stereo in ef final edit

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    install of single din stereo in ef final edit


    The pic above shows new unit. This is the new unit I’m putting in my ef xr8, it also shows extra electrical plugs. I found that I had to use both. Clarion one plugs into stereo and then ford one plugs into clarion, then the ford one plugs straight into car.


    This one shows the stereo brackets mounted on old unit. It also shows how it was attached to the stereo. It has 2 small screws at the front and there is meant to be a big screws at the very end of the bracket, however I couldn’t show it, as I had to flatten out that hole that was indented.


    This is the bracket for the left hand side. Hopefully you can see the 2 holes which I drilled. There is 3 vertical small holes in row at the front of bracket, I had to enlarge the middle one so the M5*6 screw could fit. The second hole had to be drilled at the end of the top side of the U shaped slot. I had to use a metal router bit to do this.


    Top view of bracket. With an S bend at the front end, which is what u use to mount to car


    This shows the holes I have chosen to mount brackets to. Do not use any screw longer then 6mm in these holes. I used the screws that came with new unit.


    This shows bracket mounted on new unit with the screws supplied with the unit. As you can see it is not mounted centrally this is because unit needs to sit higher so the bracket is mount towards to bottom end, this is inline with the where it was mounted on old unit. If you put holes in same spot as I have it should all work out, just make sure you use the LH side one for the left hand side and vice verse.


    The S bend I mentioned earlier is positioned inline with the back of the black part which is the front of the new unit. You could almost position the bracket back a further 5mm so the new unit stick’s out a bit more when placed in it’s final resting spot.


    When you are about to mount new unit, you will find it is a very tight fit, this is mainly due to the screw heads. They will need to be the rounded edge screw heads. Make sure unit is lined up with the original location of old unit. With a little bit of a push, you should fine that it slides in, it will be tight but should go in no prob’s. as you can see above it is mounted in original spot.


    Put in original screws and push wire up behind unit. There is one wire I had to change a plug on. This is a single black wire, which I believe in the ground(earth) wire.


    The plug on the left is the one I replaced with the one on the right.


    So as you can see the new unit fits where the old unit was. The black surround of unit fits in the open nicely. It probably sits a little far back. the unit could be brought forward a little and you could do this by placing the brackets a little further back on new unit.

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