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Thread: AU side mirror backing.......

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    Been a while since I have done it but from memory just use a very thin screwdriver bade to push the clips down while pulling back on the mirror cap as you do. This allows the clip to disengage the slot and remain disengaged, repeat for all the clips. It takes a bit of bravery, some nervous sweating and firm but cautious force to do but it can be done without damage.
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    Thanks fellas - took it up the office yesterday and late arvo gave it the time I needed to get them off.
    I worked out why my passenger side was difficult, I'm guessing the last time I had her at my beater repainting the front bar new headlights etc I recall having him do the mirror scallops, looks like his lackys broke the passenger clips and covering up used silicon what was left to gain contact fitment,grrrrrrrrrrrrr !
    Got the drivers off with the long thin screw driver clips in tact.
    Your asking why Blue ? I'll post once I'm done, more so a refresh just as Colville has done to his XR6T but other things.
    By the way there is only 1 Capt Slow here LOL......
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
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