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Thread: Supercharged RTV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnout View Post
    BTW, the G6ET had 96,oookm on it when I got it. Had belonged to the Local FoA Dealer Service Manager. He gave it up for a Ranger, had bought a van and was travelling due to being retired. Is in excellent nick bar a few stone chips.
    The Car is going in to to the Tuner to get tickled up around the middle of the month.
    My advice, for what its worth is leave the tune alone unless you want to start chasing power and torque, then better brakes, suspension, diff bushes, breathing, fuel supply etc. Point is, remapping for just a tickle is tempting but isn't worth it. The stock engine is a pearler and the tune is perfectly matched with the ZF and 95 octane. It's a pretty economical car for what it is (big, heavy and fast). Keeping the factory tune makes servicing and diagnostics easy as. These things stock will go hard all day and remain reliable.

    If I was to change anything on mine it would be the fitment of the larger F6 Intercooler. Helps to keep the thing running cool and in its optimal performance mode.
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    The G6ET has been tuned,
    Upgrades are:
    Process West stage 2 intercooler and steel piping
    1000cc injectors.
    Venom Cat and turbo cat pipe.
    K&N Filter, & a 3inch hole in the airbox.
    X Cal 4 Flash tuner & 3 custom tunes.
    440rwhp, with 703NM, running United 98oct.

    It hooks up pretty well and that will do me.
    BAII RTV A Farmers Rocket.

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