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Thread: Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh found dead.

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    Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh found dead.

    Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh is dead after a domestic dispute at his home. His son has been arrested.

    The 55-year-old was found dead at 2am on Friday at a Somerton Park home.

    His son, 26, is in police custody and his wife is in hospital with non life-threatening injuries. It's understood his daughter was overseas on holidays.

    South Australian police are expected to hold a press conference soon.

    The AFL has yet to comment.

    The Crows are scheduled to host Geelong at Adelaide Oval on Sunday. That match is now in doubt.
    A statement from South Australian police, released at 7.16am said:

    "Police can confirm that the man murdered at Somerton Park in the early hours of the morning is Phil Walsh, coach of the Adelaide Crows.

    "Just after 2am, Police and ambulance crews were called to a house in Bungey Avenue after a domestic dispute.

    "Ambulance crews treated a seriously injured 55-year-old man at the home but sadly he died at the scene. The man's son, aged 26, has been arrested but no charge has yet been laid.

    "The deceased's wife sustained non life threatening injuries during the incident and is currently receiving treatment in hospital.

    "Sturt CIB and Major Crime Detectives remain at the scene and investigations continue."
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    Totally shocked, such tragic news. Condolences to his family, all the footy team he was involved with. Couldn't believe it when I turned on the news. I have a mate who plays for the crows n he is just shattered

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    So very sad, sincere condolences to the late Mr Walsh's friends & family, Adelaide Crows footballers & supporters.
    I cannot believe it.

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    Tough luck, hey....
    Snort some juice for a couple of years and go home with a violent mind.
    Shit there's some proper mental helth issues in this country, oh well, lock him up for 10 - 15 then worry about the next poor bastard. I saw so many of these situations in my career.... it's just like watching Ted2 40 times in a week.
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