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Thread: BMC vís K&N vís original.

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    BMC vís K&N vís original.

    What are peoples experiences with these air filters, I have used K&N on all of mine thus far for the main reason that I service my own vehicles religiously and donít see the point in chucking them out (originals) when a serviceable item is available (k&n/bmc). But I have been recently looking at the BMC filters as they seem to be a better produced item.

    But what are peoples preferences, renewable/washable item or genuine paper filter ?.

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    I seem to remember reading a comparison a few years ago that showed new paper filters usually out flowed oiled reusable filters, but as they dirtied up their performance dropped fast. Which is where the obvious benefits of a reusable one come in.
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    If there's one area Automotive companies wont skimp on its them. They're an insurance policy and like oil filters the last line of defense for engine longevity.

    Reusable filters are great from a cost perspective over time and they may flow better, but in a F/I environment particularly you need to be very careful.
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    I have no doubts the K&n style flters are better, and washable, but how many owners actualy get round to washing them ?
    Some times its easier to just replace the paper type than the time to wash them .
    Have you checked the price of this oe filter, horrendous !

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    I just use the regular paper filters and just replace them every service, its like $20-$30.

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    i just use factory air filters also. i don't believe there is enough of a gain to warrant anything else. higher flow generally = less filtration also.

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    I have a K&N in the FPV biggest mistake most people make is either not cleaning them occasionally or when they do they go all exxon valdez when oiling the thing. Very small amount of oil if you don't do any dirt roads imo and Chris from Blue Power oil is optional.


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