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Thread: AUII XR8

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    Quote Originally Posted by TICK4D-TAS View Post
    My brothers old AU2 XR8 recently sold for $10500 here in Tas. He traded it in at a yard on a Turbo Territory and it lasted in the yard for 2 weeks. It was Venom, mild engine work (cam, exhaust and tune) manual, tickford premium brakes, premium sound, leather and had 155k on it.

    The right person will come along, you just need them to be interested in the car, not someone that is looking for a cheap car, but wants a good car, if that makes sense.
    I would have thought that I was bang on the money with my “around”10k asking price, considering the car/condition and k’s, and thats the thing I am now prepared to wait, even so I am prepared to hold it up myself in the back shed.

    But given the circumstances if I was looking for such a car I wouldn’t blink at a higher priced car if the price reflected the condition.

    I’ve been watching sales of these car’s for a few year’s now and there have been quite a few of them sell around the 5-8k mark with work needed done to them, people often think that a 6k car is a bargain but when they get it, they find that it need’s 4k spent on it with hidden problems etc. Makes that 10k car with low k’s look good all of a sudden.

    But hey those that obviously care to mention the price that I have to a disadvantage are the ones that want a good car for a cheap car price because they seen one down the road for much less. And my word’s to them are well go buy it then, don’t fuck me around.

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    Au prices are still in a weird place, there's plenty of average 200/220 xr8's available for 2-4K, obviously needing varying amounts of tidying or mechanical work, but there's also quite a few around the 4-5k mark that are just nice clean honest examples. May not be concourse but not Junkers either.

    But there's still a few being advertised in those 7-10k range that are really nice, and they're still selling. There is still people willing to stump up the cash for a really good example.

    Probably easier to get 8-9k for a clean xr8 than it is for a t1/2 at the moment.
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