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Thread: 625 HP N/A Coyote.

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    625 HP N/A Coyote.

    Poor mans Voodoo?

    My Falcon family heritage: XY V8 Falcon 500, XYGT, XBGT, XC 351 GS, XD 4.1 Spack, EF wagon, AU Wagon, AU2 Wagon, AU2 XR8, BA XR8, BF XR8, FG XR6, Lucky last: Sprint 8. Oh wait, AU3 XLS Marlin Ute!

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    Now that s sensational.

    I can see a lot of Falcons being retrofitted with some wicked imports in a few years time.
    Maybe Older GT and GTHO Falcons won't be the only ones to be plagued by copies.......

    To get 8,500 rpm in a pushrod engine costs an awful lot, not to mention the continual maintenance,
    these DOHC Coyoties are going to turn people onto revving their engines instead of getting a blower.

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    In the cockpit. Cruisin' mah hood
    I wonder where the Wiseco 5.8 stroker ended up. Oh well.
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    Bloody excellent!
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