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Thread: BF falcon brake booster adjustment question:

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    BF falcon brake booster adjustment question:

    Hey guys,
    New to the forum and I need help on a common issue with BF falcons.
    The front brakes are staying engaged while driving... did some research and now I'm here
    I want to adjust the booster myself and need some help in doing so.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    I cant see how the brake booster would be holding your brakes on.

    I would think it would be more to do with an ABS module, the booster only helps you with pedal pressure force to the master cylinder, which in turn supplies fluid and pressure to your brakes via the abs module and lines etc.

    However, having said that, if the booster is stuck, it would lock all the brakes, but it would need the engine running to supply the vacuum pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TICK4D-TAS View Post
    I cant see how the brake booster would be holding your brakes on.

    apparently its a small adjustable pushrod between the booster and the master cylinder?

    Unfortunately I cant add anything on the adjustment steps or how or why it goes 'out' of adjustment.

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    there is a step by step process over on AFF. unfortunately i can't recall where it is or what to search for, but it had pictures and everything.

    my folks were getting constant shudder with their brakes but it wasn't from warped discs. they'd give the pedal a tap, or stop and start again, and it would go away. they wound the pushrod in 3 flats, as per the guide, and haven't had a problem since and can't notice any difference in pedal feel.

    having said that, if your front brakes are staying engaged, it could be the slides on the calipers aren't working properly. i would check that this side of things is working correctly before altering anything to do with the master cylinder - booster relationship!


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