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Thread: Mustang GT review by Drive

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    When I have time I'm going to ask my dealer for a run in their GT, I don't want to for I may get hooked in.
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    Great car!))

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    I recently had the opportunity to drive a Mustang GT. I only had it for a short time, but I have to say I was left feeling a little underwhelmed.
    Don't get me wrong it was a beautiful car to drive. I loved the brakes, the handling and the V8 soundtrack, but it didn't have the "get up and go" I expected from the GT. Its definitely no slouch, but I guess I'm just used to the rush I get from my XR6 Turbo.
    Overall it was a really nice car be in, which is why I've hired one for the weekend from hertz. I pick it up in a couple of weeks, and I plan on taking it for a proper test drive


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