The problem in determining if the car data is accurate or not comes down to syncing it with the loop.

All DJR have shown is a sequence of events and position that logically suggests the car should be right.

It’s not enough.

What matters is what the timing loop says during activation of the sequence. You need this information to prove both accuracy of the cars movements or an abnomality in the activation of timing that now appears common to both DJR cars.

I have to be honest and say once it shifts to both cars, it points to it being a car issue and not a loop issue.

The probability that a timing loop can active in error twice is absurdly high with it not continuing to do so across other entries.

What both parties need is to show car data overlayed with the five meters zone of timing.

I fully suspect neither the car or the track system can achieve this as for the purpose they run independently.

The car doesn’t know when it’s being timed and the track doesn’t care about what the car says it’s doing. That’s the entire point.

I really would like to see the incar telemetry from Giz.

We base our feelings on seeing numbers like 32 Kph and 38 kph. If for example that 38 was really 41 none of us would be as confident about what we saw.

We all saw what appears to be the limiter engagement prior to crossing the line. As far as I am concerned that should mean any speeding penalty be dealt with via a fine.

When Craig refused to divulge the speed and deferred simply to greater than 10% of the allowable error, it’s expressed so you hear the largest number in the equaltion. We are talking about a car moving at 40kph measured over 5 meters. The increments are so small that you could be looking at something like 10% of 0.0075.

If the sport wanted to be transparent, express it as 41kph or 44kph. Problem is thats even harder to believe based on what our eyes saw or at least think we saw.

The key is knowing firstly where the timing starts and stops and making sure both DJR cars were timing in this zone. That’s what you need to establish. The cars telemetry comes later and won’t matter till you define the terms of reference to this relevance. You need to match the car behaviour to the timing zone accurately and in doing so hopefully demonstrate activation outside of where it should have occurred.

You need gps data to do this. You need the location of the 5 meters, you then need the cars telemetry and then ideally you need activation confirmation which I don’t think is possible.

I am making it my 2018 mission to understand what has gone on here but I take the press release to mean that DJR still think they are right but without being able to provide the data mentioned above, don’t have the tools required to question the timing loops operation.

The commitment to work further, might be smoke and mirrors, or it might be they have discovered there isn’t enough data provided to give them the answers they require.