Ford Ranger Wildtrak v Holden Colorado Z71 comparison

by Matt Campbell

Senior Editor

This is the new Ford versus Holden battleground. Forget sedans, forget V8s: diesel dual-cab utes are where these two brands stand to garner the most credibility among their true blue Aussie buyers in the coming years.

As a result weíve brought together the Ford Ranger Wildtrak and its heavily updated rival, the Holden Colorado Z71, for a duel.

You may have read our previous eight-ute mega test in which the Ranger trumped all-comers to be named CarAdviceís pick of the dual-cab ute crowd. In that same test, the Colorado came last. Yep, eighth out of eight.

But a lot has changed between now and then. The 2016 Colorado you see here has basically been re-engineered to be better to drive than it was previously, and thatís good because it wasnít very impressive on the road when we last drove it.

Rather than assembling all eight utes for another mega test shoot-out, we decided to put the new top-spec Holden Colorado ute up against its flagship Ford Ranger rival.

Which will be victorious? Letís find out.