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    Quote Originally Posted by defective View Post
    Sorry, don't wanna freak you out, docs suggested I over did it back at work. I was only back for 2.5 days haha. Did no lifting at all, just fork work.
    Seriously thinking my body is telling me it's had enough of being a forky.

    The stranding confused me too, but the doc wasn't much help, she was basically just relaying info from the surgeon who was checking my test results.
    My post op check isn't until the end of February so I guess il find out then.

    All this health/diet/fitness talk makes me think we need a dedicated thread, I reckon there's plenty of good info hiding in here.

    You guys doing a predominantly plant based diet, how did you get onto that? Just decided one day to go that way or something else? I'm a meat lover, always have been but I know it's not doing me any favours.
    OK thats cool, I'll find out before you re post op check, I've been told one month since op, so I just booked that yesterday for Jan 21......but now I need to call back re schedule and check if its ok to fly need to get back to China that week.
    Funny you quote they think you have over done it, I too am worried IF I have as well.
    You know what I did 3days after ?! mowed the lawns lol......and did them again last weekend amongst other light duty jobs.
    I can't just do nothing !
    We shall see.

    Re diets etc, I'm a firm believer that anything in moderation won't push you over the edge.
    Yes Gal cholesterol is hereditary I've been told but I would expect there are case's not related.
    So I do watch how much I consmue re dairy type products, love consuming camembert cheese and crackers lol.....and other cheese's/olives/a typical italian antipasta.
    I find it interesting that you have both sides of the coin, there are those that are fitness/health fanatics that die young un unexpectedly and visa versa/vegans same but damn they look sic unhealthy to me.
    Interestingly having ol wog blood, did you know the island of Sardinia has highest living per capita of centurions.
    I have watched my relos here and abroad consume pasta weekly/salami's/hams/prosciutto/meat meat/chicken/pork/with tons of salads with much olive oil/vinegar/vegs/bread galore washed down with copious amounts of vino white or reds/deserts/so many espresso's people would think red bull is nothing ! and they are living into their 90's.
    Baffles me compared to what we understand more today but as I said, I take it all in moderation and love it but its also what your genes are in the first place.
    My metabolism is pretty good.
    I have never weighed over 80k, my waist has never been over 32/33 - I'm a social drinker/have played heaps of football since 5yrs/had football training 3 nights a week for years/had a fetish for gym workouts through my 20's/30's then stopped/surfed for years/got into the lycra fad for a while dropped it a few years ago/love being active.
    We are polar opposites Colville and I'm sure you won't be offended and visa versa.
    Right now I am seeing my father inlaw slowly pass away @ 90 good yrs.
    A typical Portugese/european type of fella, meat ? portugese love big chunks of meat cooked over hot coals like shishkebabs called Espetada
    Now each bite of this so nice done medium rare is to die for he and many others have consumed this for decades.
    Here's their stable diet
    Hey I could go overnight Or I live till he calls me and likewise but my euro pallet won't go down the paths you guys are on.
    CL Champs 2019 for the 6th time
    Sydney is Sky Blue HAL Champions 2019

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