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Thread: Volkswagen accused of attempting to 'hoodwink' consumers

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    Lol - "are you smoking fucking crack"

    You are right, I do generally loathe his journalism, but it is worth the watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paxton View Post
    Other than Bob Brown, I do not know a single person who buys a car based on emissions. People buy cars because the drive well, are well made, look good etc (but then why do Toyotas sell so well?)

    My Jetta drives well, is well built, goes like stink, and looks ok for an old car - what comes out of the exhaust is the last thing on my mind, and many other VW buyers minds as well.

    VW beat Toyota last year as well - they are the worlds number one car manufacturer by sales...
    Exactly bloody right! I just had my amarok tuned to delete the EGR. And it still is cleaner than a dirty old patrol.

    VW owners just got greedy and saw a chance to make some money like their seppo counterparts. Idiots like Cadogan etc see the oppotunity sink the boot in to a global company who really couldn't give a shit what they say.

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    VOLKSWAGEN has conceded its Dieselgate cars would not have passed Australia’s emissions testing standards had they not contained a cheat mode.
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    That's going to turn out very expensive.

    Not to mention that the first of the VW executives in the USA has just been given 3 or 5 years jail for this. Killing people by poluting the air is taken pretty seriously. Well it used to be. I'm sure if you donated the right amount to Trumps campaign that you could spew mercury out the exhaust and it would be OK.
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    An estimate from EPA figures on health effects reckoned that the Volkswagen and Audi diesels will have caused 11,000 extra deaths in the USA by air pollution. If that’s correct, then there should be many people in jail. Some should face the death penalty. Certainly that would improve the behaviour of other businesses.

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    I really loath this company since diesel gate.
    Makes it hard when I can't not like GTi's/R's and certain awesum Audi's but I'll never buy one now on principle.
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