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Thread: timing chain cover

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    timing chain cover

    Hi everyone I'm in need of some help please, I know most of you have moved on from the ef era but unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view I haven't, due to issue beyond my control. I'm after a timing chain cover for my ef xr8
    So I'm asking if anyone has one sitting in the shed doing nothing that you'd be happy to part with for a reasonable price. I've checked eBay and they sell for $174 brand new, but it's for a 22yr old car, don't understand the pricing. Is it because this tc cover will only fit an efi 302 ? I could of got one off an old 302 xr but for some reason those ones run from xr to ed and aren't suitable for 95 ef wtf
    Should I share how this all came about,
    3 weeks I went change short bypass hose that runs from water pump to thermostat, as it was leaking a bit. Went to undo clamp n everything disintegrated from there, the thermo was shot, so took hose off water pump was shot as well. OK no worries I've got a new water pump waiting for just for such an occasion, ordered new thermostat housing n hoses. I then started to remove water pump, every bolt was coming out fine until I got to the out edge top, which is just above the water channels that go in the engine, cracked the bolt like I did the other bolts, so should of come out fine right? Wrong snap goes the bolt head, bugger. After hours of trying a variety of options with no luck, it came down to removing timing chain cover. OK no worries, wrong again (by this time I'm ready to use engine as a boat anchor). This Friday I called in the heavy artillery (my bro n law) (got every tool known to man and a shed, yippee) so we towed the menace to his place. I start taking timing cover bolts out n loosing sump bolts, everything is going fine, all bolts come out without an issue, except for that one. So this morning (sat) we get an early start an we get separation between block n tc cover, (yes) Oh! wait the other side (the mirror of the current issue) isn't separating, what the HELL ! what we thought was dowl (the reason for this is it in no way resembled a bolt with it broken head missing, it was that perfect) so we thought with a little of wiggling and the help of some hot shot spray it'll come loose. No luck, after hours of trying many methods and still getting no movement from the dowl we turned back to the original bolt in the exact same spot on the other side. We managed to pry the tc cover out enough to get purchase on the remains of the bolts and with little to no effort it comes undone (bloody thing, why couldn't it have done that at the start). So now we are left with it's mirror brother. Keep in mind tc cover still has to come (replace gasket n seal ) so we are prying n prying n wiggling n wiggling and we are getting nothing, so out comes the torch (heat). Doesn't work, by this stage we have had it, something has gotta give, it's the tc cover or the bolt. Unfortunately it was both. Bolt broke at block, tc cover cracked. But hey got the bastard off, now to remove what's left of the bolt from block, drill down the centre n use an easy out, no problem comes out with ease, Aghhhhhh, Wtf right. So we decided to find out why the bolt wouldn't move in tc cover. Over to the bench, get a big ffffing hammer, smash nothing, the bolt doesn't move. Smash a again, still nothing. Wtf with a little more persuasion it comes free, though we had bang the crap out of it n punch it through. We were thinking someone welded the bloody thing in there but no it was just corrosion and lots of it, good thing I've got new bolts. So now you guys know why another tc cover is needed. I've got gaskets, seal, bolts already to go. I'd appreciate any help.
    There are no morals or lessons to be learnt from my story. Sometimes life just fk with ya, just for fun.
    Big thanks go to my brother n law. My body isn't conducive to working on cars anymore, leaning over an engine use to be my favorite thing but a stuffed back doesn't allow for such things these days, this is why it's taken 3weeks so far. I can only do a little bit at a time. So when it's time to put it back together my bro n law will be doing it.
    Hope everyone enjoys my story, not a bad read for a Saturday night

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    oh man I feel your pain!
    my old falcon ED gave me quite a bit of those frustrating days when nothing seems to go right...
    wish i could help you with that cover..

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    I am pretty sure you can buy reconditioned timing covers for Windsors.
    Mine was damaged through cavitation of the water pump.
    The guys from StreetBuilt fitted a recoed cover to stop the dreaded pin hole in the timing cover problem. (Oil & water do not mix very well )
    Yes, my cars have done that little by pass hose as well.
    The joys of Motoring

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    Oh it is a joy!
    I get that pin hole in the water pump normally.

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