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Thread: Tickford special edition

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    Tickford special edition

    How nice does this look...

    Modelled off the livery of the Ford Falcon XC Hardtops Moffat and team-mate Colin Bond drove to the famous factory 1-2, the Tickford Bathurst í77 Special features a range of unique components, engineered to provide a special and individual experience.

    The 40th anniversary of Fordís most famous win will see no more than 77 of the limited edition Tickford pony cars built, each fitted with a Moffat signature numbered build plate and a host of special design elements..

    In true Tickford style the Mustang GTís 5.0-litre power plant will be re-tuned and fitted with a high-performance supercharger, significantly increasing the Ford V8ís power and torque.

    Externally, the car reflects the 1977 version of the Falcon with a modern interpretation of the livery. All Bathurst í77 Special vehicles will be white, fitted with a full decal kit, including optional race numbers and replica rear wing.

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    Love the looks. Gredit to the designers.

    Unfortunately another Moffat raising marketing exercise. Flogging an old horse.

    40th anniversary??? Means little to nothing for most people.

    A 25th anniversary moffat factory falcon would of been way better.

    What we want is Factory muscle cars.

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    What about a matching colin bond mustang with the number 2 on the door?


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