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Thread: MB Dual Cab 2018....

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    Interior looks like some aftermarket shit.

    Prefer the nissan.

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    Nothing wrong with the Nissan base but I expected more from Merc.
    It's like they are going into this class a bit half arsed. The pricing point will be interesting.
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    It's a sad day. The beginning of the end of the great Mercedes-Benz.

    I get that they are sharing a ladder chassis, suspension and even drive line on the low end models, but when they cant be bothered even changing the doors and basic cab architecture well now you're just taking the piss. Add some leather, bang a 3 pointed star on the front and double the price. Done.

    Not that there is anything too wrong with the old No-vara, engines and chassis aside. Wait which bits are they using again.

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    Agree Elks very much so due to its brand but you know what - most OE's where once would hardly have looked at certain segments now comes down to the almighty $$$$ and being in there.
    You see people going on right now its not good enough - agree again but its their tip of the toe in the water would you really consider the investment tooling up from start up.
    I sure wouldn't.
    There's plenty worng with ol novara, the 3star hybrid will give it some cred in the future for lets face it what nissan would you consider buying - yep a Zed, nothing else imo.
    Oh, Patrol wasn't bad but no good here anymore.
    Again, the Renault novara looks better imo.
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