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Thread: Insurance companies refuse to insure cars under 4 Star ANCAP.

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    Insurance companies refuse to insure cars under 4 Star ANCAP.

    Insurance firm refuses cars with ANCAP rating below four stars

    By WhichCar staff, 21 Jul 2017 Car News

    Checking a new car’s crash test score could save you more than you think when it comes to finding insurance cover
    Your new pride and joy is sitting in the showroom, and you’re about to drive it home for the first time. It’s time to organise some insurance cover, right?
    For many new-car buyers, factoring in the cost of insurance isn’t front of mind in the decision to purchase their new ride. If your car has a high risk profile – it’s a car that crashes often, you park it at places wheres car are commonly stolen, or the cost of repairs are high – expect to pay an insurance premium that factors that in.
    But some cars simply can’t be insured, with at least one insurance company in Australia saying it would not cover vehicles it considered “unsafe” as part of its “Safer Cars Commitment” campaign to encourage members to put crash safety at the forefront of the buying decision.
    In 2012, West Australia-based insurer RAC announced it would no longer offer insurance on any vehicle with less than a four-star Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) crash rating.
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    Well that's a problem, especially if other companies continue to adopt this practice

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    So how does that affect owners of the first batch of Mustangs that scored two stars?

    and then again this month, Euro NCAP tests the '18 Mustang and scores it three stars...LINK

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    So as part of their safer cars commitment I'd assume they're also refusing cars that haven't been tested at all?

    Yeah, didn't think so...
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