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Thread: Missing person on the Canning Stock Route (found)

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    Thumbs down Missing person on the Canning Stock Route (found)

    So let me get this straight - this wally, who is supposedly an "experienced 4x4'er, decides with wifey that they're going to drive to Darwin (via the CSR), gets bogged, separates from his other half and commits the cardinal sin of remote area travel - leaves his vehicle. She later staggers into a campground about 9klm away yet he is wandering aimlessly for 3 days and slowly dying but left his water in the vehicle..??

    Something suss about this whole deal. Hopefully the truth comes out soon...

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    Yep, definitely sus. He did everything ya not meant to do. N no emergency contact device, uhf, satellite phone etc

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    sometimes you just need to shake your head

    We always carry a PLB when heading to the more remote area, in fact it is rarely out of the car


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