Well one thing bothers me with the hybrid comment. It seemed to suggest NA. So if 650 is the launch of hybrid then the rest of the world could have another protracted wait.

I would hope by 650 that the delays are getting smaller as the worlds market gains relevance.

We are starting to head towards a discussion I had with Youssef about where Mustang needs to go.

It will have to use lighter materials which adds cost. It might also need to go AWD. He thought I was wrong. I said it needs to share it platform. Let's see who was right.

In these articles you can see the world is moving quicker and I think what this might mean is the US market might shrink in protest.

It might not be seen as "their" car any more. There is a real sensatiivity to pricing there.

April 2020 job one, I would like to think we should get cars Oct 2020.
March 2021 and later most likely if nothing changes.

I am shocked and not. We did say changes were going to come with an unlike Falcon frequency.

i bet the bonnet gets a weight reduction. Boy that thing has some weight in it.

I am not so confident about resale now as I was back in March.