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    Provided the pricing isn't north of 100k, then when my Wildtrak is up, i will replace with a Raptor.

    I went the Wildtrak as it was the closest I could get to my F6 ute in spec wise whilst still retaining the ute ability. I haven't regretted it one bit, it shits all over the F6 in its load performance and stability whilst towing, it is nice to be able to just drive and not worry about car parks or going in and out of driveways etc. However, I do miss the 310kw to be able to overtake more than 1 car at a time!

    The Wildtrak just needs to be stepped up a little with some more 'sportier' parts and I hope this is what the raptor does. Frankly I don't care for fuel economy, I would like performance and handling, I know this doesn't sit well with people being that its a 4X4, but you can make them handle and go. I have looked at Tickford, but i'm just not there with the modifications on the company car.

    I guess we will wait and see what 2018 brings us. I like that it appears to be associated with FP, just like the RS. This does mean a lot, its factory sanctioned. The only thing that will turn me off is if it is designed for a pure off roader and is dirt and bush orientated. Im happy with the Wildtrak in being able to carry 5 people, a ute full of gear and tow the racecar, its made out life so much easier for the track. Before we were taking 2 cars to each round. F6 for towing and then another one for the passengers.

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