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Thread: Escape ad

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    Sounds just as a conference I was at a few weeks ago.
    "Engagement" "Active8"......
    Yep, retailers know its all on the mobile, as I mentioned even in China last trip all purchase's are made this way more than ever.
    As most know I'm no fb you tuber or whatever fanboi, the figures quoted just tells me there is lots of idiots wasting time when looking up this type of garb - oh hang on its getting views etcetcetc, this is good, this is wonderful, exposure exposure.
    All I keep thinking IF I was a OE or otherwise how can I monitor "sales" from this type of "exposure" ? oh you can't ( I suppose its word of mouth type of thing - or sharing the link ) but as long as your in it means something.
    Perko, good post.
    Despite Ford's local short comings and sadly there is many over the years one thing stands out that would have kept them UP there so to speak or more so looked at in abetter way - service service service service service.
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
    Sydney is Sky Blue HAL Premiers/Champions 2017 - the Double.

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