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Thread: DRL's Wiring Up Help

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    They can still void your warranty if they want ... you do anything to the stock vehicle you run this risk. The onus will be on you to prove your modification did not cause the problem that is subject to the warranty claim if you have one. EG ... there is a fire under the bonnet; you have (or even a licensed auto elec) touched the wiring guess what they'll say? If you blow a diff they probably won't try to say it was the wiring under the bonnet. LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AussieG62013 View Post
    I brought the car from a Ford dealership a few months back and has extended new car warranty as part of the sale.

    It is look very much I will have to go to an Auto Electric to do the job right.
    Was the warranty extended before you bought the car? If the warranty was extended by the previous owner I am of the belief that the warranty is not transferable.

    When was the car first sold? You can't extend the new car warranty after the initial warranty has expired.

    It is not a dealer extended warranty is it?

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