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Thread: 2018 Supercars Season. Could contain results.

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    I have hated that asshole since he robbed Lowndsey of a championship back in the day...

    But i can be a bigger man and today was a rude awakening !

    Well Done Rick...

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    I was told a Nissan won as I walked back into the room just before I heard the jubilant driver rejoicing over the team radio so I thought well done Simona, superb effort. Then I realised it was Rick. Well done Rick.
    McLaughlin knows how to launch a car and keep it in front. True winner, reminds me of Whincup’s dominance but somehow seems a little more likeable. Luck got in his way today. Nice to see Fabian up there as well but during the broadcast he said he knows this circuit pretty well so I hope that had nothing to do with his form.
    Waiting for the other Ford team to find something. They need to hang in there because if they can turn it around they still have a chance. That would be good for Scott as well, as a larger pool of players at the pointy end vying for a top 5 means less of a chance for his closest rivals to catch him. Amazing the difference in tyre degradation between this and the last circuit. Don’t understand it.

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    Great effort today by DJRTP. Shame about the start from Scotty but great tactics to get him back on the podium. Not a fan of SVG but geez he drove the pants off that Commodore today. Highlight for me was Larko and his tech reports again. Loved how he broke down the Reynolds issue.
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    Great result for Fabs and nice recovery from Scotty, overall with a round in hand from P3 down in the championship we're sitting pretty strong. SVG will need to up the consistency to close the gap to Scott and we've still got a few Falcon friendly tracks to hit before the ZB aero will again swing momentum back the other way. T8 typically come on strong after the mid season break too so theres a long way to go.

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