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Thread: Wax v coating.

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    Wax v coating.

    While researching the direction I wanted to take personally with my car care, I seriously looked into coatings.

    Scratch resistance certainly jumped off the page and then you read how hard they are. Now me being me, starts to think, hardness introduces new issues.

    Cars paint has to be flexible but yet coatings bond to the clear. In my mind this will restrict flex and I wonder what long term implications that might have.

    The more I investigated, I found a new trend towards coasting that are indeed flexible. Wonder why these have occurred? Very expensive, especially the version from maxprotect but also requires professional installation and it’s for life.

    History is a statement, the future is a question.

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    Having worked in the industry I can tell you incompatibility between multi coating flexibility is a big issue.

    The most flexible coating or substrate always wins.
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