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Thread: Performance Luxury Sub branding, what's in a name?

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    Performance Luxury Sub branding, what's in a name?

    We've discussed it before but it's a topic that normally stirs lots of emotions and comments.

    Consistency in product and message is also a vital part of building brand image and equity, reputation and hopefully with that comes loyalty and patronage.

    Looking at the market place and players, this is a rough list of what i can work out:

    Mercedes Benz - AMG
    BMW - M Sport
    Audi - Audi Sport
    Toyota - Lexus/TRD
    Nissan - Infiniti/Nismo
    Hyundai - N Brand

    Now Ex locals:

    Ford - Nothing. (elsewhere Ford Performance and formerly Locally Tickford, FPV etc etc)
    Holden - HSV (formerly Walkinshaw, HDT)

    However as it stands neither Ford or Holden have an active local Performance Brand.

    Does Ford need to build a Performance identity again here?

    We no longer race (except everywhere else it seems under Ford Performance), Ford themselves are morphing into the Light Truck/SUV company globally.

    Is Fords image now one of a light commercial/SUV manufacturer and risks losing credibility with passenger consumers?

    Has it already happened??

    Is Mustang now such a strong stand alone brand that people no longer see it as a Ford?

    Is the Ford Performance Brand a mix of Racing identity and aftermarket parts with less of a retail feel?
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    The case at hand is company and country to market.
    Look at the continuity of the Germans - how long has MSport been the hipo sig of BM, AMG for MB and then to the Japs, they may change models much But the branding stays in line to date.
    There is something about the American way to market (more so Export) - in out in out that has effected their OS investments over the years such as us.
    No matter the amount of intel they have they still lose direction/s.
    I've seen this pattern continually in the Aftermarket as well for some 25yrs.

    The path laid now regards Ford looking like SUV/commercial strong is purely that Falcon being so strong in the past they haven't had range depth to enhance its passenger car image and sales apart from Laser back in its day - the Japs beached them in hatchbacks etc then Koreans, GM hardly did better as well.
    In todays market I don't think it matters anymore to have a dedicated performance branding as in the past re Ford - Mustang in this market customers know go to the Ford dealership, will Kia suffer re Stinger not being branded in a performance guise ? no.
    We'd like a performance identity because were into performance, Ford are into "volume" sales, Joe Public and soccer Mum do not care but for Range offerings, Price and Customer Service.
    This is just my general take on consumer land.
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