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Thread: Rumor, Ford have cancelled 2020 S650 Mustang platform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTe217 View Post
    Like Elks I like the current Exploder design, would be great here as long as price was competitive.
    If they stick coming to market as they have of late - pricing above long time established competitors its a long walk for volumes.

    I just don't get their constant reliance on Nth America to everything, they can't keep thinking this way.
    Exports would really help them overall in the big picture, yes it costs to implement this sosososo, the euros/japs/koreans can and get good market penetration why can't Ford do the same.
    As i said Maurie, for some reason, best known to them, the US car companies cannot do what the rest of the world does, (with great success i might add) when it comes to building cars with steering wheels on both sides of the car.
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    yes Norm.
    I'll put it out there from my years dealing with them Aftermarket and in general.
    Its their DNA, its a strange scenario - on one hand their Chinese Imports and from elsewhere for consumables etc is massive just as us yet their corporate mentality hates having to deal with them and treat them with dis respect in general, I've seen it many times over the years, - but can't live without them now.
    X brands I know and deal with (and are OE suppliers fyi) could have HUGE Export market share for the brands are known BUT despite us being able to help them or not they have some kind of barrier accepting to expand ranges to suit Export markets barring Latin America/Mex below them to date.
    I've watched Procurement Managers turn a blind eye for their company making huge ROI's due to their ignorance/arrogance.
    I know Asian/Middle East and Euro customers who would love selling X american brand but their product range doesn't cater well enough for the car park - the opportunities are endless believe me - but their powers that be just want to focus Nth America/Mex etc it astounds me, so they say no to making good dollars for margins are very good at Export Aftermarket.
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