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Thread: US Ranger reveales, one engine 2.3 EB and 10-speed auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paxton View Post
    I'm a little surprised that there isn't a manual version at all.

    The Manual V6 Ranger was a fairly steady seller in its day, and there would be a few owners stateside that see our manual diesels here with a little envy.
    Exactly, the Mustang used a version of the Ranger/Transit MT-82 until recently
    and it stands to reason that the basic elements for a 2x4 and 4x4 manual exist.

    I suspect that Ford NA wanted the lowest cost development of vehicles for its region.
    the 2.3 EB builds on existing petrol 2.5 version and incorporates similar engine bay
    and crash protection structures. Upgrade of frames, local versions of Dana diffs,
    styling cues and interior trims, not too much there that couldn't be incorporated
    into a good MCE.

    One thing about an Ecoboost truck, drive in and drive out with a tune that adds
    a ton of power and torque. Try doing that with an atmo V6.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpd80 View Post
    I'm betting Ford NA wanted done as cheap as possible, I-4 T gasoline engine to avoid changing
    engine bay basic crash protection cell, stronger HT frame with new engine mounts.......

    2.3 EB is getting steel crank and rods, two complete engines are at the Cleveland plant,
    I'm betting all 2.3 EBs get the upgrade.

    Lot of yanks concerned on NA V6 option, mixed feeling about Ecoboost engine,
    Majority of US Colorado and Tacoma sales are V6 so Ford really poking the bear.
    There is a lot more change to this car then you think.

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    I like it. Does that smooth dash come on any of the current models? The interior seems much nicer for some reason.
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