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Thread: Passenger cars not a priority in Australia: David fleet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4Vman View Post
    The reaction to made to order time now is a critical issue.

    In the past an order on Broadmeadows took 3-6 weeks, that's now 3-6 month's depending on what's in stock ,what's on the water or what's been forward ordered to forecast.

    Worst case scenario is its not in stock, not on the water and hasn't been forward ordered to forecast.

    That's anywhere from a 6-12 month proposition.
    Yep, in this day and age of the internet, people want things 'NOW'.

    More and more, people are looking for instant gratification - hell I know I am becoming more impatient in my old age.

    No way I would wait 6 to 12 months for a car.

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    I was selling cars in the 1990s. No different back then - once someone made the decision that they wanted to buy the car they wanted it NOW!

    Ford are no different to any other manufacturer. If the car has to be made 'from scratch' there will up to a 12 month waiting time.

    True, we used to be able to special order a Falcon (and Commodore for that matter) and have it ready within 6 weeks - just another thing to add to the list that we will miss about local manufacturing.

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    Thats pretty much right PG2 back in the day, I recall never being too patient even back then But we didn't cross shop as easy as it is in todays world.
    Most big ticket items today once you have done your research you can pretty much get it today, if going to your first Retail outlet and they don't have it in stock or the price can't be matched you know where your off to, next outlet and buy it then and there.
    Once upon a time you'd put down a deposit accept the wait till it came in.
    Even cars today unless its a special build but for the run of mill that you've decided on 1 to 3 alternatives many times No2 would come into the fray because No1 either didn't have it in stock, price is too close to No2 and they have it in stock bang sale done.
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