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Thread: Dazzler's Extra Dangerous EBII

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13726548 View Post
    Taking her up north this week, gonna try my luck selling it up there.

    Can't believe the swings and roundabouts life has thrown at me sometimes.

    KIA makes an awesome product that's for sure,but I miss the way a falcon just piles on the km's hour after hour with just a refill.

    The Purple Turd is in hibernation, I think after this trip I will have one more crack at Loyd's with this EB and if still no interest will just give it away to someone deserving of its ownership

    I have no internet up here for weeks at a time by the look of it, so nothing to really report on car mod's moving forward ?

    I Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable easter...

    Tax time I will be looking for something new and different..

    I just might get that EB GT after all
    It will sell for somewhere round what you want, just gotta be patient.
    E series values are only heading in one direction.
    It being close to club rego eligible will help too.

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    In the words of a wise man: if you don't read the papers you're uninformed, if you do read the papers you're misinformed.

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    Cheers mate... I think that 2020 ecoboost 4cyl Stang that has 330hp might get a look in.

    Modifying these things to stand out has lost its flavour with me... all the shit kents on Facebook pages has confirmed I don't want to be associated with that type of person ever again.

    Mid 4's to 100 out of a full body Stang with a 4cyl ?????

    Gotta get rid of the current stable of falcons first, the wife is keen on the electric Orange and because it isnt a fuel guzzling v8 she has said OK I can buy one... But I love the fluro Green colour with carbon highlights :/

    Not paying for Gumtree or Carsales ad's again... if they don't sell this year I will crush em' don't care.

    I'm not letting someone else make money out of me

    New start in life, New job, New cars...

    Talk again in a week...
    Thank you Ford for the memories

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