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Thread: The NBN

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    The NBN

    I got the letter the other day. Rudd's great folly is being installed in my area next month.

    Is anyone on it? I have Optus Cable on at the moment, and am very happy with it, so probably going to stick with Optus.

    What plans and speeds do we have at the moment?

    Any feedback is appreciated.
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    You speed will be dictated by how much your paying. I have fttc coming in my area and optus is doing decent speed for 80 a month. The 60 dollar deal their doing is rubbish.

    I'd shop around considering that the nbn isn't like how internet use to be you could get decent deals. Also it looks like they have to advertise speed after the relates debacle.

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    been on nbn for 18 months
    apparently its better than adsl, but i havnt noticed
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    Have been on NBN for a while with Internode now. Great service and rates are good. Was simple to get set up and speeds much better than ADSL2. Bandwidth still not as great as some of my friends in the city but a huge improvement.
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    Mum was basically forced to switch over with Telstra and so far it has turned out to be a complete disaster. 3 modems later and still can't get a consistent service.

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    Well I actually fault find a lot of this stuff.

    So far the NBN problems have been:
    1) The NBN contractors screwing up the jumpering. (note these are the same type of monkeys that screwed up digital TV, UHF TV and every other major transition. They are the dumb prick who no one else will employ)
    2) The "free" routers.
    3) "My mate is a computer expert and has set it all up for me" (IT version of macca's carpark car expert)

    While NBN has had a few fuckups if you have constant slow speed try tuning off everything including your wifi and plugging a PC directly into the ethernet port. Test the speed. If it is still crap then try a "commercial" router. N.B. if it is $100 from HN/JB/OW etc. it will be low performance.
    If it is good like that but crap on wifi just turn on one device at the time. First one is your phone at a few feet from the router. Note that 802.11n (2.4Ghz wifi) will not do 100Mb/s so will aways be slower. Use 5.8Ghz, preferable AC if possible.
    Your wifi will also get slowed down by old standard clients and interference from things like walkabout phones, RC toys, drones etc. and cheap chinese remotes or baby monitors etc.
    Wifi hates metal and metalised materials like concrete or some brick. Also wavelengths are 13cm for 2.4 and 6cm for 5.8 so multiipath phase interaction is a big issue. Think of it like AM radio at night fading in and out except the distances are in cm not km.

    If your NBN is only crap at peak times the odds are you are on a cheap service with a cheap ISP as are many others and like the freeways at peak hour you are "gridlocked".
    There is nothing you can do about that except change service. You get what you pay for.
    FTTC, FTTP and FTTN are all good technologies when set up correctly but even a GT-F is slow running on e10 with Bob Jane all rounders one the rims driving in the rain on a dirt road.

    NBN Wireless (regional areas) is a whole different story and had a lot of other issues. PM me is you have that and need some help.
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    I am on Optus and so far I am happy with them. I've got the 100 mps download rate which I think is running, at present at 96 mps, but I find it acceptable also Optus service is good so far. The only beef I have is that if the NBN goes down I have no phone as I don't use a mobile.



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